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Mt. Ishizuchi
Route1 / Matsuyama city sta. ⇒ Kuma eigyosho (bus sta.) approx. 1hr. 10min. by bus; Kuma eigyosho (bus sta.) ⇒ Tsuchigoya approx. 1hr. 40min. by bus
Route2 / JR Matsuyama sta. ⇒ JR Iyosaijo sta. approx. 1hr. by express; Saijo ⇒ In front of Ishizuchi rope-way approx. 1hr. by bus

Mt. Ishizuchi

Mt. Ishizuchi

Mt. Ishizuchi (1982m) is the highest mountain in western Japan, and has been known as a sacred place from the ancient time. When the climbing season comes in July, many worshipers pay an annual visit. Mt. Ishizuchi is also known as one of "One Hundred Beautiful Mountains in Japan", with variety of unspoiled nature. Many people come to enjoy climbing the mountain from spring to autumn. In winter, the mountain peak is capped with snow. There are two common routes to climb to the peak; "Jojusha-route" (about 3 hrs.30 mins.) and "Tsuchigoya-route" from Kuma Kogen plateau to the drive way (about 2hrs.30mins.).

Location/ Quasi-national park, Mt. Ishizuchi, Ehime-Prefecture
Telephone/ Tourism Promotion Department, Saijo Tel0897-47-3575   Tourism Planning Department, Kuma-Kogen Cho 0892-21-1111
*Accommodation at Misen Peak Lodge is available from May to November 3.(Tel0897-55-4168)
*"Ishizuchi Skyline Driveway" to lead to the Tsuchigoya-route is closed in winter (December - March).

Mine Topia Bessi

Mine Topia BessiOne of the three largest copper mines in the country was discovered in 1693 and had been mined for 280 years. Mine Topia Besshi, the themed park, was created at the last mining headquarters office of the "Besshi Copper Mine". After touring the mine ruin, you can experience panning for gold, and take a hot bath.

Location/ 707-3 Tatsukawa-Cho, Niihama
Telephone/ 0897-43-1801
Hours/ 09:00 - 18:00 (Public bath 10:00 - 22:00)
Open/ 7 days week (except for a few days off in February)
Admission/ free (Mine tour ¥1,200, Panning gold ¥600, Bath ¥800)

Asahi Beer Brewery Shikoku Factory

Asahi Beer Brewery Shikoku FactoryThe only one beer factory in Shikoku. After the factory tour, enjoy the fresh beer (tour: approx. 75mins. Need reservation). You can also enjoy meals at the restaurant.

Address/ 2-6 Hiuchi, Saijo
Telephone/ 0897-53-7770
Hours/ 09:30 - 15:00 (telephone reception/ 08:30 - 17:00)
Open/ 7 days week (except year-end through New Year holidays and on some special holidays)

Mine Topia Besshi Tonaru Zone

Mine Topia Besshi Tonaru ZoneGreat industrial ruin complex were left at the Besshi Copper Mine at 750 meter elevation, where the former mining headquarters were located. It is also called "Machu Picchu" and recently became popular. The exhibits at the history museum explain the people’s life then, and introduces the copper mine of Besshi.

Location/ 654-3 Tatsukawa-Cho, Niihama
Telephone/ 0897-36-1300 (Tonaru History Museum)
Hours/ 10:00 - 17:00
Closed/ Monday (or Tuesday if Monday is the national holiday.), December - February

Ehime Prefectural Science Museum

Ehime Prefectural Science MuseumThe science museum is a place to have fun and educational experience. You can enjoy learning about the nature, science & technology, and industry in Ehime. Exhibits in the nature hall include amazingly huge movable dinosaur model. You cannot miss the world's largest planetarium with 30 m in diameter (charged).

Address/ 2133-2 Oojoin, Niihama
Telephone/ 0897-40-4100
Hours/ 09:00 - 17:30
Closed/Monday (or Tuesday in the first week of the month), year-end through New Year holidays
Admission/ ¥510- for permanent displays


KirinomoriKirinomori is the tourist spot in Shingu, one of the leading producers of tea leaves. It is situated in the mountains, and the limpid stream purls down the village. Hot spring cottages, a restaurant and shops will make you relax and have fun. “Kirinomori Daifuku” is special sweets here. It is very popular, and there is an antenna shop in Matsuyama too.

Address/ Umatate Shingu-Cho, Shikokuchuo
Telephone/ 0896-72-3111
Closed/ Monday (Tuesday if Monday is the national holiday. Open 7 days during April through August.)

Suihakogen Highland

Suihakogen HighlandYou can enjoy the carpet of bright yellow rape blossoms in spring and pretty cosmos in summer through early autumn. The 892-meter Suihamine Peak commands the sweeping view of Shikoku Mountain Ranges and Seto Inland Sea. The pathway is built for nature trail and the flat square for relaxing.

Address/ Hiranoyama, Kinsya-Cho, Shikokuchuo
Telephone/ 0896-28-6187 (Shikokuchuo City Tourism & Exchange Department)
Admission/ free

Mt. Ishizuchi Ski Resort

In a splendid location at Mt. Ishizuchi, this Ski Resort, at 1,400-meter elevation, is the perfect slope for both the beginners and the experienced. When you get out of the ropeway from the car park (8 mins.), there is a blanket of snow as far as you can see.

Location/ 81 Shimodani, Nisinokawa, Saijo
Telephone/ 0897-59-0331
Hours/ 09:00 - 16:30 (08:00 on Saturday, Sunday and the national holidays, and closes at 17:00 on some Saturday.)
Season/ December - March
Admission/ ¥4,000- for One-day pass (ropeway/lift combination tickets included) and others.

Mt. Ishizuchi Ski Resort

Price on the page is adult rate.